Why not renting your property in vacation rental ?

You are a lucky owner of a property on the French Riviera and you need an additional revenue to cover all charges you have on your property or just because you need additional revenue?
We will help you to maximize your revenue. Do you know French Riviera has become, every year, more and more attractive even during the covid 19?. So why not startin today to rent your property?
You do not know how to do that ?Then we will explain you step by step how to do it. First, let's start with a quick explanation of what holiday rental is ?
Holiday rental is any furnished rental that cover a short period of time,less than 90 days, it could be any stay from 1 night to 89 nights.

First you need to check if your property will fit with all required equipments. Your property needs to offer a comfortable interior design and needs to be totally furnished and equipped. It has to be in the same condition as you would love to get it if you rent a property for your holidays. The more luxurious your interior will be the better will be the guest experience.

Look at this amazing interior design !

Once your property is ready then you need to do the following steps :

-First step will be the legal work to do: In France there is a difference between a permanent home ( the address where you receive all official taxes you need to pay) and a residencial home (where you do not live permanently). If you rent you permanent home then you do not need to do anything before but you will be allowed to rent it as holiday rental maximum 120 days per year. If your property is a residencial one and it is located in a city bigger than 200 000 inhabitants, like Nice, then you need to make an enquiry to the civil center and ask them an authorization. For other cities it is not mandatory. In the same time, you need to check with your building rules and building manager, if you are allowed to rent your apartment in holiday rental. In the case the building rules do not allowed any commercial activity then you cannot rent daily.

-The second step will be to make a first apointment with a specialist: an agency or a concierge company will arrange an apointment with you in order to understand your needs and expectations. During this apointment, the professional can give you some advices in order to improve your interior design. Remember, the more your property will be comfortable and well decorated the better will be the guest experience and then your revenue. After this apointment made, the professional will be able to send you price listing , season by season ( usually you have high season and, low season). He will also explain you the way he will work with you, his conditions and commissions. Usually a professional takes between 15-25 % as commission for his work.

-Third step : signing a contract with the professional you have choosen. Some of them will ask you to work exclusively. Others will give you the choice to work with differents companies in the same time. Our advice is : do not work with too many companies. They all do work with the same plateforms so the risk to duplicate your property on internet is higher. Choose one company that will offer you a flexibility and a great connection with most of internet portals (Expedia, Booking, Airbnb…). Once you have found the best company to work with, then you can start advertising your property and receiving bookings !