General conditions

Rentals Conditions


1- How to confirm a booking ?

In order to confirm a booking, our agency will ask you to pay 25 % as an advanced payment as soon as you wish to book a property. You can pay :


By visa/mastercard even on the same day as your arrival. Our website is secured with our Bank CIC/Credit Mutuel online payment. If you pay online, your booking is immediately confirmed and the calendar will be blocked for you.

You can book on

By Bank Transfer. Here are our Bank references.

Banque CIC agence HappyFEW Properties

IBAN FR7610096180840006049160576


In this case, your booking will be confirmed as soon as our agency receive your payment. We will be able to wait for your payment maximum 2 working days, after this delay, your booking will be automatically cancelled.


We do not accept any payment by check.


2- How do I pay the remaining amount of my booking ?

The remaining amount of your booking can be paid :

- by visa/mastercard on site during the check in process.

By bank transfer : 15 days prior arrival. Here are our bank references

Banque CIC agence HappyFEW Properties

IBAN FR7610096180840006049160576


Please note that if we do not receive the money before the check in we will not be able to give you the keys.

In cash upon arrival


We do not accept any check.

All money must be paid in Euro and before or during the check in. We will not be able to give you the keys if we do not have the full payment.

3- Deposit in case of damages

For all our bookings, our agency will ak you to pay a deposit in case of damages. The amounts are different from a propery to another.

This deposit could be debited in case of physical damages caused by your fact , items lost in the property after your stay or if you lose the keys.

This deposit can be paid :


by pre authorization on your visa/mastercard during the check in. The amount is not debited and will be released after your check out if there is no damage.


by bank transfer

Banque CIC agence HappyFEW Properties

IBAN FR7610096180840006049160576


The deposit will be returned by bank transfert on your bank account within 3 weeks if there is no damage. We will ask you to provide us your full Iban and swift code.


For safety reasons we do not accept deposit in cash.

4 -Administrative fees

Our agency will ask you to pay an adminsitrative fee of 30€ if you book online with us.

5 – Services included in our bookings :

All our bookings include :

- charges, electricity and water consomption.

- free wifi access

- onsite check in upon apointment

- linen and towels during your stay

6- No Whithdrawal Period

According to the law L.121-17 as consumption law, there is no withdrawal period for a vacation rental.


7- Check in process

Check in are free everyday all year round from 3pm to 8pm only upon apointment. We will ask you to contact our agency at least 4 days prior your arrival to arrange an apointment with us for the keys and check in process. This apointment is mandatory for the keys handover.

You can call us on WhatsApp Business +33(0)4 93 98 29 26

or send us an email at  :

or you can send us a message on



Any check in after 8pm will be charged. Here are the details of the prices :


-60€ between 8pm and 9pm

-100€ TTC between 9pm and 10:30pm

We do not accept any check in after 11pm.

If you have any delay with your flight or train, or any trafic on the road, we will ask you to call us and give us an update. Our staff might ask you a fee of 30€ for any delay of 1 hour or more without letting us know in advance .

If you have any question during your stay you can contact us

- on our online Chat on our website


8- Check out

Our check out are before 11am. If the flat is available and not re rented the same day as your check out it might be possible to have a late check out. Price is 30€ for a late check out.

We will ask you to arrange a late check out with our agency.

Before leaving the property, we will ask you to :

-clean your dishes

-put your rubbish out of the flat

-leave all the keys and remotes we gave you during the check in inside the property and slam the door


9- Airport Transfer

We will offer you a free airport transfer if you book online with us. This transfer is up to 3 people with luggages or 4 people without luggages and for any arrival before 7pm.

We will ask you to book this transfer with us at least 4 days before your arrival otherwise we will not be able to confirm this service in particular in high season.

Thank you to provide us the following information :

- Your name and booking number :

- Check in date and time :

-Number of people:

- Flight/train references:

-Valid phone number ( the one you will have with you at your arrival in Nice)

In case of any delay with your flight/train or with your luggages, we will ask you to send us a WhatsApp on +33(0)4 93 98 29 26. The driver will not be able to wait for you without keeping him updated.

You need a transfer to the airport ? The cost will be 30€ up to 3 people. You can book it with us directly.

10- Cancellation or changes in the rental dates.

For any cancellation from you, we will not refund you the advanced payment you made with us. If you cancel 30 days prior arrival and you paid the remaing amount, we will not refund you any money.

If we do cancel your booking in case of emergency issues (technical for example), we can provide you different solutions :

we can relocate you to a similar or better property

we can give you a full refund of your money.

11- Housekeeping and linen fees

For all our bookings, we do ask you to pay your ending housekeeping fee and linen. Theses fees are mandatory.

Even if you pay an ending housekeeping fee, we will ak you to clean your dishes and put your rubbish out of the flat.

For all our rentals we do provide white coton linen and towels during your stay.

You need an additional cleaning services during your stay or additional towels or sheets ?

You can contact us directly to see prices list.

12- Damages and Travel insurance

For all our rentals, we do ask you to pay a deposit in case of damages. This deposit could be debited if you break something or lose the key or take something inside the flat away.

We will ask you to let us know any potential problem you can have inside the property within the next 24h after your check in. If you did not mention anything during this period of time, we might debit your deposit if we note a potential damage after your check out.

You broke the TV or a shutter ? We will be able to check this damage 3 times (after your check out, during the cleaning services, and during the next check in). So it will be hard to hide the damage you caused. You broke only one glass ? Do not worry we will not charge anything !

Please note that the housing insurance of the property or our business insurance will not cover you in case of theft of your personal items inside the property ( laptops, phone, money or jewelery). It is your responsability to take a travel insurance during your stay.

13- City tax

A city tax is mandatory for any holiday rentals in the Metrople Cote d'Azur. If the property is not classified the price is 2.4€/pers/day. If the property is classified price is

- for 3 stars property : 1,50€/pers/day

-for 4 stars property : 2,40€/pers/day


This fee must be paid during the check in and we will transfered the money to the local authority Metrople Cote d'Azur.

Only adults from 18 years old must pay the city tax.


14- Rentals rules


By booking with us, you, the tenant, accepts to respect the following rules :


  • 1 : The present property will be occupied only for short term rentals,touristic or business stays. It is absolutely forbidden to use the property for commercial, professionnal or financial activities

  • 2 : The tenant must respect the limit of the number of people which is allowed inside the property. You rented a house for 8 people, we will not allowed you to come with more than 8 people inside the property.

  • 3 : All our properties are none smoking. We will ask you to use the balcony or the terraces there are inside the property to smoke. If the property does not have any balcony or terrace, we will ask you not to smoke inside. Otherwise we might charge you a fee to remove the scent of cigarettes.

  • 4 : We will ask you to respect the calm and the neighboorhood. Parties are forbidden and any abusive noisy inside the property reported by a neighboor will stop immediately the present contract. In this case, we will ask you to leave the property without any refund. Respect is very important. You will not appreciate to have a noisy Airbnb traveller who stays right over your bedroom ?

  • As a tenant who lives inside a residential building, you will have to respect the building rules.

  • 5 : The deposit can be debited according to the following conditions :

- physical damages caused by your fact. You broke an item

-you take away an item even a towels in your luggages

- you lost the key

- you bought some videos or channels without our agreement

- you left the flat in very bad condition ( dirty dishes, trashes, …)


  • 6 : As a tenant, you will have to respect the property and leave it in the same conditions you had it when you checked in. Otherwise your deposit will be debited.

  • 7 : Our agency Happy Few Properties is not responsible in case of street works, electricity or water cuts independantly to the property. We will not be able to give you a refund or a compensation if an unexpected event outside the flat happens. We might provide you a relocation if it lasts..

  • 10 : We do not accept pets in all our properties except if you receive a formal authorization from us.

  • 11 : For villas with private swimming pools : the tenant will be informed during the check in that the villa offers a legal activated alarm or barriers around or inside the swimming pool. If the tenant decides to deactivate the alarm or remove the barriers after the check in, the agency and the owner of the villa will decline any responsability in case of accident.